Inner Ear Mastering

High-end analogue mastering with a personal touch 

Our unique mastering process

At Inner Ear Mastering we pride ourselves on our ability to skilfully deliver world-class audio mastering services to our clients, using top of the range equipment, delivering the highest quality sound, adapted to your needs. 

Our mastering studio is equipped with gear used for Adele, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and many more staple artists of all genres.
Composed from a combination of classic vintage hardware alongside the latest in analogue mastering hardware and software, our unique chain delivers unparalleled results for your music. 

What sets us apart:

   Personalized Approach: Working together to shape your defining sound.
   Top-Tier Gear: Experience the richness of high end analog equipment. 
   Iterative Feedback: Your music isn't just mastered; it's perfected.

Do you want your finished song to be crispy clear, or warm and textured? Loud and pumping or dynamic and spacey? How about creamy and soft? 
We can go in a bass-weighted and punchy direction whilst remaining modern and detailed or a little retro and crunchy with a smooth and fluffy feel - any combination of desired sonic colours, we will work together to find the sweet spot to pinpoint your defining sound.

Hardware from

Iron Compressor 
Abbey Roads  Curve Bender
Fusion & Bus+ Compressor
Shape 65
Official Cable Sponsor
Power Conditioner
8803 Dual EQ

Need unique analogue mastering?